Fully Organic Built-In Antimicrobial Technology

In a pivotal moment where innovation meets sustainability, we are spearheading a groundbreaking shift in the utilization of antimicrobial active ingredients. Our revolutionary approach not only redefines their application but also seamlessly integrates with all kind of polymers, water-based and oil-based materials. This strategic compatibility facilitates a monumental leap towards a market landscape predominantly characterized by biodegradable products.


Our fully built-in organic antimicrobial product protection not only embodies our commitment to innovation but also exemplifies our ethos of promoting cleanliness without harmful consequences to the environment. By infusing Chitosan and Herbal Oils Complex into materials, we empower companies to offer products and surfaces that are inherently resistant to microbial growth, all while adhering to the principles of biodegradability and environmental consciousness.


The fusion of our organic active agents with leading materials signifies a pivotal step towards a market landscape dominated by clean and sustainable products. This convergence not only addresses the growing consumer demand for eco-friendly solutions but also represents a substantial stride towards a more sustainable future. Our mission extends beyond innovation; it is a commitment to shaping a world where biodegradability, antimicrobial efficacy, and environmental stewardship converge seamlessly, fostering a healthier planet for generations to come.

Chitotec Polymer®

Chitotec Polymer® stands as a groundbreaking antimicrobial masterbatch meticulously integrated during the production phase with raw polymer materials. This innovative deep coating integration process ensures that the entire batch undergoes a transformation, rendering it inherently antibacterial.

Chitotec Aqua®

Chitotec Aqua® represents a cutting-edge antimicrobial additive specifically formulated to seamlessly blend into water-based formulations, this revolutionary solution bolsters these products' resilience against microbial proliferation while preserving their intrinsic properties.

Chitotec Oleum®

Chitotec Oleum® emerges as a pioneering antimicrobial additive tailored for a spectrum of oil-based products. Crafted with precision, this innovative solution seamlessly integrates into oil-based formulations, augmenting their resistance to microbial growth and enhancing their longevity.

How do we work?

From the inception of your concept to the eventual market launch, our dedicated guidance will lead you through the entire journey of crafting cleaner, fresher, and longer-lasting products utilizing our cutting-edge antibacterial technologies. We prioritize a personalized approach for each customer, tailoring our strategies to meet their specific needs and product requisites.
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Antibacterial agents constitute a range of materials designed to combat pathogenic bacteria. Our pioneering advancements involve revolutionary technologies that enable the production of diverse polymers infused with natural elements, possessing potent anti-fungal, antibacterial, and antiviral properties. Through these innovative techniques, we elevate your product's freshness, cleanliness, and durability. Our methodology involves harnessing a blend of organic or natural compounds, imbued with powerful antimicrobial characteristics, serving as an active agent against harmful microbes.

Furthermore, our commitment to sustainability drives us to employ natural compounds that are fully biodegradable. This approach empowers manufacturers to create antimicrobial products that align with eco-friendly practices, contributing to the production of biodegradable solutions within the market landscape.

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    Include a vast assortment of items used by people, spanning from shower heads and toys to a diverse range of products accessible through online marketplaces. They encapsulate everything we interact with on a daily basis or can purchase.


    Reprocessed polymers or commercial items utilized by enterprises, like transportation accessories and other business-to-business (B2B) products, necessitate pristine surfaces and top-notch quality.


    Building essentials, like pipelines, steel plates, and other construction materials, requiring integrated antimicrobial properties, such as elevators and staircases.


    Materials such as fabrics, yarns, textiles, and various fabric-based components, coupled with odor control technologies embedded within the materials themselves.


    Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) items like gowns, masks, gloves, hospital bed sheets, and antimicrobial paints are designed to uphold cleanliness and antimicrobial efficacy in medical environments, safeguarding medical devices and rooms.


    Swimming pools or crowded places, especially during times of epidemics, the demand for effective water and air purification becomes imperative. This requirement extends to a broad spectrum of polymer-based, water-based, and oil-based products utilized in such environments.

    What are the 10 advantages?

    1. Safety

    Fully organic active agents are widely regarded as safer for both human health and the environment. Derived from natural sources, these agents possess negligible toxicity levels, ensuring a higher degree of safety across applications.

    2. Effectiveness

    Fully organic active agents may have a narrower spectrum of antimicrobial activity and may not be as potent as nano additives in inhibiting the growth of various microorganisms. However, the Organic antibacterial Chitotec Polymer®, Chitotec Aqua® and Chitotec Oleum® , has the same effectiveness as Nano Technology and fulfills all international Standards such as ISO 22195, ASTM E 2180 and JIS Z 2801.

    3. Biodegradable

    Our organic agents boast full biodegradability, significantly minimizing their environmental footprint upon disposal. This breakthrough not only prioritizes eco-consciousness but also unlocks novel opportunities for manufacturers. With the ability to create biodegradable polymers, manufacturers can now explore new horizons while retaining essential properties like elasticity and heat resistance. This marks a pivotal shift towards sustainable production practices without compromising material performance.

    4. Eco-friendly

    In specific sectors like organic farming or eco-conscious consumer products, adherence to organic and eco-friendly standards is obligatory. Our compliance with these certifications is essential for acceptance within these applications.

    5. Durability and Longevity

    Encapsulation of Chitosan within herbal oil complexes enhances its durability and efficacy, surpassing nano-based alternatives by threefold. This robustness is particularly notable in demanding environmental conditions or under prolonged exposure to UV radiation.

    6. Compatibility

    Integrating Nano into polymers often presents challenges related to compatibility and potential interactions that can impact their overall performance. Typically, Nano is either coated onto polymers or partially integrated due to cost constraints, making full blending into the polymer composition economically unfeasible. However, our products diverge from this trend as the raw materials we employ are considerably more cost-effective compared to traditional chemical alternatives like Silver. This affordability facilitates complete blending into the polymer composition, setting our solutions apart from conventional practices.

    7. Potential Sensitivity to pH and Temperature

    One of the primary challenges encountered with certain organic agents revolves around their sensitivity to pH levels or fluctuations in temperature, often constraining their range of applications. However, with Chitotec Polymer, this limitation is mitigated significantly, as it demonstrates exceptional resilience by withstanding temperatures of up to 800 degrees Celsius.

    8. Reduced Regulatory Concerns

    Compared to nano additives, fully organic active agents encounter fewer regulatory hurdles and require fewer safety assessments. This advantage not only expedites their integration into various products but also ensures a smoother compliance process with regulatory standards. Additionally, their natural origin and reduced toxicity levels contribute to a more straightforward approval process, facilitating their widespread adoption across diverse industries without compromising safety or efficacy.

    9. Price

    Manufacturing organic antimicrobial additives proves to be a more cost-effective alternative compared to utilizing Nano Technology. The production process for organic additives involves more accessible resources and raw materials, resulting in lower manufacturing expenses. This cost efficiency extends throughout the production cycle, making organic antimicrobial additives a financially viable choice for industries aiming to integrate effective antimicrobial properties into their products without incurring substantial expenses associated with Nano Technology.

    10. Availability

    A mere 2% to 5% of our additive is adequate to confer full antimicrobial properties to an entire batch. This minimal requirement enables us to swiftly fulfill the needed quantity, significantly reducing the turnaround time for delivery.

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